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Michele Cartin, who runs Personal Touch Pet Sitting in the Toronto area had sat our German Shepherd once before and we thought she did a good job, so we hired her again: once for a few days in Nov and once more in Jan.She came for the Nov commitment but then cowardly emailed us to cancel the Jan commitment, citing her being bothered by second hand smoke.

Now we are stranded with no sitter for Takoda with one month to go to find a new one. We did not book the trip until we were SURE she would be looked after and in good hands. Now, we understand that smoke can be very bothersome to non-smokers, which was why we told her right off that we smoked when she came for the consultation the first time. Not only is this unprofessional; it is also selfish and inconsiderate.

If the smoke didn't bother her the first and second times, why would it the third?

She probably got a better offer for another gig, the selfish b**ch!DO NOT USE PERSONAL TOUCH PET SITTING!!

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I hired Michelle twice for my cat while my husband and i went on vacation. I can tell you she loves what she does and is truly commited. I believe she truly spends time and gives affection to the animals.

I always came home to find new toys she gotten and pictures of their time together. Not a lot of people would do that.

I know she is in high demand and you need to book her in advance. The smoke thing, i understand. I wouldnt be able to do it either. Maybe before she wasnt able to refuse but just couldnt continue. Atleast she was upfront about it, instead of continuing sitting and not taking care of your pet properly.



Dear CountFrouFrou, I have hired Michele in the past and found that she loves animals and is really in her element when it comes to dog sitting.I also happen to know that Michele's daughter passed away of cancer in her mid thirties and that Michele also had an encounter with cancer during that time.

Thankfully, she has recovered.Perhaps you, CountFrouFrou, should consider quitting the cigarettes.


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